Participant Shirts

The Full Moon Run participant shirts are created from a new Dri-Release fabric from Sport Science.  Please register by June 30th to guarantee you receive the correct shirt size.

Click here for a sizing chart

Sport Science

Won't Shrink

Made of 85% Polyester and 15% Cotton – this shirt will not shrink or lose shape!

Removes perspiration fast

The fabric is made using a 30-single yarn that is engineered to produce a top-performing moisture management fabric that is super soft and comfortable

Dries 4x faster than cotton

The new lightweight Dri-Release fabric outperforms any other fabric in its class and will facilitate evaporation of moisture up to four times faster than a regular cotton shirt.

Reduces Odor

In addition to its quick-dry ability, the fabric is treated with FreshGuard® to reduce odor buildup and keep you smelling fresh!

Patented permanent performance

Engineered to keep you dry because this keeps your core body temperature steadier – means staying cooler when it’s hot and warmer when it’s cold. Our dri-release® fabric rapidly wicks perspiration to keep you drier and more comfortable.


The production platform is the most eco-friendly in the market.  The full production cycle – from yarn spinning, to knitting and dying, to sewing – all happens with a 150-mile circle in the Carolinas.  Less shipping = less petroleum used!