Karl Harter’s Full Moon Fundraiser

Here’s how to join our efforts

Starting right now:

  • Share this campaign with friends & family to help spread the word!
  • Pledge a donation. This can be a pledged amount for every mile run collectively by fundraisers OR a simple flat amount. There is the option to cap your per-mile donation to avoid donating more than you want. If you choose to donate a flat amount, please consider donating at least what would have been the entry fee for the 5K (about $25).

From October 1-4:

  • Become a fundraiser and add to our total miles! Track your daily runs from October 1-4. The more miles we run collectively, the more money we can raise. Make sure to register yourself as a fundraiser before the 1st!

With COVID-19 forcing the cancellation of our in-person Full Moon 5K, we still want to honor our designated charities, the Karl Harter Head and Neck Cancer Scholarship and the Lincoln Elementary School Running Club.

Karl Harter was the long time owner of Movin’ Shoes. He was diagnosed with Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma (ACC) in 1998 at the age of 47. At that time, Karl underwent craniofacial surgery and radiation. Karl continued his active life, writing, training, reading and of course successfully running Movin’ Shoes. Karl played a key role in making Movin’ Shoes the instrumental part of Madison’s Running Community that it is to this day. Karl’s cancer returned in 2009 and he underwent several additional surgeries. Karl never lost his passion for life through his 22 year battle with this rare cancer. Karl passed away in January of 2020. The Karl Harter Head and Neck Cancer Scholarship provides financial support to those researching head and neck cancer at the University of Wisconsin.

The Lincoln Elementary School Running Club serves children in grades 3 – 5. Movin’ Shoes has for a number of years provided running shoes and apparel for the students who participate in the club. The aim of the Running Club is to help students live an active and healthy life. Funds raised by the Full Moon fundraiser go directly to providing free new running shoes to all the students who regularly participate in this school-sponsored activity.

All funds raised will be donated to Karl’s Cancer Scholarship and Lincoln School’s Running Club. Participants can solicit pledges per mile run by all participating fundraisers or people can make a flat donation. Donations of $25, the typical cost to participate in the Full Moon 5K, or greater, would make a tremendous financial impact on our two very worthwhile causes.

Sincerely, The Movin’ Shoes and MSRC family