• Karl Harter's Full Moon 5k, presented by Movin' Shoes
  • Lincoln Elementary

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  • Karl Harter’s Full Moon 5K, presented by Movin’ Shoes, will take place this year on Thursday July 27th, 2023! Headlamps and flashing lights are strongly encouraged, as the run will take place on the night of a full moon.
  • 100% of the proceeds from Karl Harter's Full Moon 5k, presented by Movin' Shoes, will benefit charity. Some will be donated to the Karl Harter Head and Neck Cancer Scholarship at UW Madison, and the rest will be donated to children in need of running shoes at Lincoln Elementary School in Madison, WI. For many years, Movin’ Shoes has worked with various schools and local running programs to help children in need and promote the sport.
  • Registration is limited to just 500 runners and typically fills fast, so make sure you sign up early!
  • Runners should begin walking to Bernie's Beach around 8:30pm from the Olin Park Shelter for the race start
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